Sunday, 3 August 2014

First Post about AS

Ok, this is my first post I think possibly ever on a blog so bear with me as I am also in a rush because I want to go surfing!

This isn't going to be a blog complaining of pain or mis-understanding at any point, and if anyone notices that it is becoming that then please let me know (that's if anyone actually reads this!). That's not to say that people who are complaining when they have AS are making it up or whinging just for the sake of it, not at all. However, for me, keeping as positive as possible, to the point of thinking that it just doesn't affect me helps me deal with flare-ups and pain if they occur.

I was first diagnosed with AS roughly when I was 24. What I intend to do is talk about my experiences from that point until now. I have gone through some extremely tough times but am so please where I am at now. As of February 2014 I have had no real pain to speak of regarding my AS. I know that isn't that long, but for me it feels like a miracle, to go that long with out feeling like I really have AS... I forgot to mention that I am also on no medication whatsoever, not even a bit of paracetemol!

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