Friday, 23 January 2015

Feel The Pain!

Here is a video of the pain, it's a bit sweary (sorry!), I'm only wearing pants and it's a little embarrassing but it's really good to see. Even watching it now, i've slightly forgotten what it was like and it was only about 4 weeks ago!
I know it's weird to put something like this up but it shows the amount of pain someone can be in despite taking copious amount of valium and oromorph - and for me to know be bouncing around the place only 4 weeks later. It is obviously a lot to do with the steroid injection but without a doubt it is enormously down to my diet as well.

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  1. Hi David, how are you today? I sure hope you are mobile and low on the pain scale. I stumbled upon your blog while surfing around the internet for fellow blogs on AS. I am SO INSPIRED by your positivity! Please keep blogging and keep your spirits up!